Maternity Services 
Every suite gives the new family a feeling of being in a comfortable bedroom.  

Doctors Hospital of Manteca was one of the first in the area to offer family-centered birthing and labor / delivery / recovery suites. 

Our family friendly visiting policy allows relatives, friends, and siblings to visit new moms and their babies. However, for the benefit of the parents and baby, we now have a "Golden Hour" which means following delivery the mother/baby/support person will have one hour of time to themselves to regroup, learn to breastfeed, and have skin-to-skin bonding time.

We offer a childbirth education program (Growing Expectations), and Baby Basic classes. 

Three visitors at a time are allowed.  Daddy can stay with Mommy and the siblings of the new baby are welcome to visit.

Doctors Hospital of Manteca is "Breastfeeding Friendly"