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About Doctors Hospital of Manteca

For over 50 years, Doctors Hospital of Manteca has provided superb clinical care to patients in the Central Valley of California. This care is deeply rooted in our belief that our patients expect and deserve to be treated in the same manner we would want for our own families and loved ones.

We provide a broad range of services in collaboration with an exceptional Medical Staff, many of whom are Board Certified in their specific specialty. We strive to deliver these services with the highest level of clinical quality, with a sincere and humble appreciation for the critical role we play in the lives of our patients and our community. Thank you for choosing us.

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News & Announcements

Doctors Hospital of Manteca Implements New Artificial Intelligence Platform to Treat Stroke Patients

Aug 22, 2023

Doctors Hospital of Manteca is proud to announce it is now utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to elevate the care of its stroke patients.

Doctors Hospital of Manteca recently implemented a diagnosis-to-action technology that features AI, giving its teams the ability to diagnose stroke patients with Large Vessel Occlusion (LVO) within minutes of the CT scan being completed. Subsequently, the hospital is able to offer faster treatments and interventions, which may have a significant impact on outcomes and mortality.

“This technology enables us to extend the broader use of AI and increase access to lifesaving treatments for our neuro and stroke patients,” said Paul Bhangu, Director of Imaging Services at Doctors Hospital of Manteca. “With stroke, every minute matters and timely diagnosis and treatment are critical. By incorporating this platform into our team’s neurological workflow, we’ll be able to expedite care for these patients, potentially limiting disability and saving lives.”

Historically, stroke patients would undergo complex brain imaging, which was downloaded to imaging systems and portals. The stroke team would then review those images and communicate amongst each other to come up with a plan. Now, this AI technology has the ability to quickly review those images and alert the different providers on the team if an LVO is present. The new AI platform allows the stroke team to communicate rapidly and efficiently, helping to expedite care and improve outcomes.

The tools are HIPAA compliant and available to the stroke care team via cell phones or tablets. Care teams using the platform can potentially save critical minutes, or even hours, in the triage, diagnosis and treatment of strokes and other disease states. The hospital works with Viz.ai to implement the AI technology in the coordination of stroke care.

“We developed the Viz.ai Platform to help health systems and hospitals coordinate care in real time across the whole clinical team,” said Jayme Strauss, chief clinical officer at Viz.ai. “We are excited to partner with Doctors Hospital of Manteca to enable a new era of synchronized care, advancing the ability for patients to get to the right doctor at exactly the right time.”