Doctors Hospital of Manteca Hosts Multi-Agency Drill

Sep 28, 2022

At Doctors Hospital of Manteca, we are always working to stay prepared for any type of incident that may arise at our hospital. Our top priority is to keep our patients, visitors and employees safe at all times.

In order to do this, we hold various drills to practice for different scenarios. We recently held three separate drills to educate our staff and local firefighters who may have to respond to an emergency, such as fire, in our MRI scanner.

As part of the drill, firefighters responded to a “911” call for an emergency in our MRI. When they arrived, we had the MRI zoned off and they were screened for safety to enter. We provided full education on the scanner, as well as a tour of the equipment, to help everyone prepare for a real-life emergency.

We are so grateful for our collaboration with the Manteca Fire Department, as well as the Manteca Police Department who was involved in the planning for these drills. It is community partnerships like this that truly make us a Community Built on Care!

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