Tests & Screenings

An accurate diagnosis is the first step to back pain treatment. A wide range of back and spine screenings and tests are available with Doctors Hospital of Manteca imaging services.

See the information below on advanced diagnostic tests and screenings.

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CT scan

A computerized tomography (CT) scan is a test that involves combining X-rays taken from multiple angles to form a detailed image of blood vessels and soft tissues.  

Endoscopic disk stimulation diagnosis

An endoscopic disk stimulation diagnosis involves injecting disks near the site of back pain with a small amount of contrast fluid. When the patient feels pain, the physician can see the site of pain using an endoscope.


An epiduroscopy involves using an epiduroscope to see the area that contains the nerves connecting the spinal cord and the rest of the body. This test is used to check for inflammation and scar tissue in the nerve roots.

Facet medial branch block

A facet branch block involves injecting a local anesthetic and a steroid into a nerve near a spinal joint to diagnose the source of spinal pain.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Magnetic resonance imaging, also known as an MRI, creates detailed images of organs and tissues using a magnetic field and radio waves.

Pain mapping

In pain mapping, a physician probes sensitive areas and asks the patient to rate the pain they feel. This technique can be minimally invasive and creates a detailed map of sensitive areas.

Provocative arthrography

Provocative arthrography is a procedure in which contrast dye is injected into the joint space and X-rays are taken. The dye injections may provoke symptoms and pain.

Provocative manometric discography

Provocative manometric discography is a diagnostic procedure in which contrast dye is injected into problematic disks and CT scan images are taken. The dye injections may provoke symptoms or pain.

Selective nerve root block

A selective nerve root block involves injecting local anesthetics and steroids near a spinal nerve root that is suspected of causing pain. It can be used to determine which spinal nerve root(s) are causing symptoms such as pain.

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