Tests & Screenings

See the information below on advanced diagnostic tests and screenings. For a comprehensive diagnosis and personalized treatment plan, schedule an appointment with one of our physicians at (800) 470-7229, or use our Find A Physician tool.

Physical exam

Physicians perform physical exams to check affected hand, wrist and elbow areas for tenderness, swelling, deformity, nerve damage, range of motion, open wounds and impaired blood flow.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

A physician will perform magnetic resonance imaging, or an MRI, to detect soft tissue injury and abnormalities in the hand, wrist or elbow area. The MRI presents a more detailed image than conventional imaging techniques.

CT scan

CT stands for computer tomography. A physician takes a CT scan to see more detailed digital images of the hand, wrist or elbow.


An X-ray machine uses radiation to see images of the patient’s injury.

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