Personalized care for new mothers and newborns

When your new arrival is on the way, count on us at Doctors Hospital of Manteca for personalized care in a comfortable, family-friendly setting. We offer:

  • Blue Distinction Center for Maternity Care
  • Birthing and labor/delivery/recovery suites — Doctors Hospital of Manteca was one of the first in the area to offer this family-centered approach to childbirth
  • Services provided by a dedicated team of physicians and nurses specializing in care for mothers and babies
  • Education programs and classes about childbirth and caring for newborns
  • The option for dad to stay with mom
  • A “Golden Hour” following delivery reserved for the new mother, baby and a support person for skin-to-skin bonding time and breastfeeding support
  • Flexible visiting hours for family members and friends

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Here at Doctors Hospital of Manteca, patient experience and safety are our number one priorities. With that in mind, we have a new, less invasive method of pain management available to you during labor called Nitrous Oxide. Laughing Gas, as it is more commonly known, can help reduce the anxiety and pain associated with labor without untoward effects on length of labor or the safety of your baby. Our decision to provide Nitrous Oxide is based on results of a 2006 “Listening to Women” survey, which indicates patients want more options for pain management during labor. You spoke, we listened. Nitrous Oxide, which is delivered via a facemask and breathing circuit, is entirely controlled by the laboring woman. Patients may administer as much or as little gas as is necessary to reduce or eliminate pain and anxiety. Because the gas is metabolized in the lungs and wears off very quickly, it is safe to administer through the second stage of labor (pushing and birth) and beyond. Use of Nitrous Oxide does not preclude a patient from receiving IV narcotics or regional anesthesia (epidural) if so desired. Our Perinatal Services team would be happy to answer any questions you may have about Nitrous Oxide. Please feel free to contact the Labor Unit at 209-239-8387.

Before Baby Arrives

At Doctors Hospital of Manteca, we are proud to help you welcome your newest family member. Explore our selection of parenting and birth classes, tour our center and learn about optional services like our Private Suites, which offer a little extra pampering for parents and their newborns.

The nurses and physicians at Doctors Hospital of Manteca are here to meet all of your needs and guide you through a personalized labor and delivery plan.

Feel free to sign up for a variety of classes from childbirth to child safety.

During Your Stay

Through labor, delivery and recovery, Doctors Hospital of Manteca is focused on caring for your needs with the personalized care you deserve during such a special time in your life.

You are welcome to bring your own items to help you stay comfortable and relaxed, such as blankets, pillows, flameless candles and aromatherapy. If your physician says it’s safe, you may also walk around the room or shower during labor if you find that comforting.

We will honor your chosen method of birth, as long as your physician or midwife says it’s safe, and have anesthesiologists available around the clock. Up to four people can be present during a non-Caesarean delivery. Our physicians and nurses are ready to react quickly if your newborn needs special care.

Postpartum Support

As a new mom, you may need some guidance or reassurance after you give birth. Our experienced nurses or lactation consultants are here for you, ready to answer your questions and provide assistance. Or, you may simply want private time with your baby. Your preference is our preference. We are here to help.

If you plan to breastfeed, lactation consultants are available to guide you through the process. In-room consultations can help you transition more smoothly to this important new experience that helps build a strong bond with your newborn.

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